Valco Valve Service

This company (formerly called Technor Valve Services and also SNRI Services) has been operating since 1990. Initially the company specialized in the commissioning, maintenance and repair of manual valves both on customer’s sites and in house.

Today the main market of VVS is the maintenance of valves in the nuclear power plants during annual shut down.

Then VVS extended its services to control valves and pressure relief safety valves.

Valco Valve Services is located together with the Group's SNRI plant in Ruffec, south west of France, close to Cognac and Bordeaux areas.


General information

Valco Valve Service

Chemin du Treuil
16700 Ruffec


Phone: +33 545 29 60 00
Fax: +33 545 31 1291

Mail: [email protected]