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Valco Group AS


Valco Group AS is the parent company of the Valco Group and the corporate office is at Forus (beetween Stavanger and Sandnes, in South Western part of Norway)

Visit us at:

Trallfa Tvillinggården, Luramyrveien 40, N-4313 SANDNES, Norway.

Phone: +47 52 97 77 60
Fax: +47 52 97 77 61
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Postal adress: Luramyrveien 40, N-4313 SANDNES, Norway

If you know the Valco Group company you want to contact, click on the name of that company(in the list below). There you find general contact details for that specific Valco Group company. You will also find direct contact details to Sales department, General manager and some other person of the respective company.

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